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Ten Top Tips to Support Regular Discharge Mode Times
How to Give Your Body a Routine Break to Discharge

So that your body can detox routinely, use the following ways to "give it a break" and put your body in discharge mode:

1. Avoid eating in the 2 - 3 hour time period just before bed. Your body goes on a discharge cycle while you sleep, and if you've eaten, you've interfered with that cycle because you are requiring it to assimilate, a function it has a hard time doing during sleep.

2. Add down time to your schedule. While you rest, recuperate, read that novel, watch that sunset, your body can catch up with some cleaning chores.

3. Slowly, constantly diminish your intake of things that gunk up your body: white sugar, refined foods of any kind including white bread and pastas, heavy intake of dairy, alcohol, coffee, trans fats such as those found in margarine and fast foods, especially those that are fried.

4. Increase your intake of real, organic fruits and vegetables (but not the canned ones with all the heavy syrup added!)

5. Including some juices is fine, but first, read the labels and avoid those with chemicals of any kind or high fructose corn syrup. Best of all, make your own juices.

6. Cook your vegetables less; steam them lightly.

7. If you are a woman, your body naturally goes on a discharge cycle. during your period. Take advantage of that time to eat more lightly. If you are a man, you can plan regular intervals to eat more lightly.

8. The times all bodies -male or female - naturally want to discharge are the 7 days immediately before the two solstices and equinoxes. Get out your calendar now and mark those days "detox time."

9. Elson Haas, M.D., author of The Detox Diet, says that for most Westerners, switching your diet to fruits, vegetables, rice and a protein source will allow your body to start playing catch-up with its cleaning chores and allow you to continue your regular daily schedule.

10. Undertake more intensive cleansing programs, including fasting, only under the care of a knowledgeable health care practitioner. Check with her or him to help you assess what your body can currently tolerate.

Why? Because you can't safely go from a state of nutritional inadequacy, heavy toxicity and severe medical diseases to maximum discharge mode without causing more problems. Do what is best for you, with your unique body in your unique situation.

Pamela Levin, R.N.
December 19, 2011


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Pamela Levin is an R.N. and a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst who has been in private practice offering health improvement services for 40 years.

She has over 500 post-graduate hours of training in clinical nutrition, herbology and applied kineseology.

She has published many professional journal and lay audience articles and has an international reputation in the fields of emotional development, emotional intelligence and Transactional Analysis.

For her work in these areas, she was awarded the prestigious Eric Berne Award by members of the International Transactional Analysis Association in 72 countries.

She has lectured and trained both lay and professional audiences all over the world.

Her work is continues to be used  throughout North and South America, The UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.

She has personally researched the key emotional nutrients™ she makes available through this site.

They have consistently been demonstrated to be the core nutrients people need to feed all the six parts of their emotional selves. 

People from all cultures and languages in all parts of the world have used them since she first made them public in 1974 to feed their emotional selves, move from surviving to thriving, release limiting beliefs, improve parenting skills and more.