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The One Key Question You Must Ask in
Choosing Your Supplements

Learning to answer this question can save you big headaches - literally!

The one question you must learn to ask in choosing your supplements is:

             "Is this supplement an isolated synthetic one or whole food?"

Learning to answer this question can save you big time! Here are some key reasons why choosing a whole food supplement rather than one made from an isolated, synthetic chemical fragment laboratory imitation of a vitamin can make a profound, positive difference in your health:

1. Whole food supplements contain essential food factors known by science and also factors science has yet to discover, but which nature always includes. For example, one B vitamin (B4) is officially 'known' in Great Britain but 'unknown' in the US.

2. Ingesting one isolated part of a vitamin requires the body to borrow the other missing factors from is own stores, thus creating a deficiency in those borrowed factors over time.

3. Without the trace mineral activators found in whole food vitamins, the vitamin fails in its metabolic function.

4. Synthetic vitamins are extracted and fractionated. Their isolated chemical fragments are dead chemical models of living foods.

5. Synthetic vitamins can prevent death but not promote life. Whole food supplements, as living food, promote life.

6. Ingestion of synthetic vitamins removes the body's choice and requires it to process this chemical somehow.  Every synthetic vitamin is treated as a toxin and has to undergo a detoxification process in the liver.  That processing can lead to chemical imbalances or toxic overdoses, particularly when fat soluble vitamins are involved, as these can build up in the fat cells and liver.

The reason 'scientific' studies keep demonstrating that nutritional supplements are no better than a placebo is because the studies are carried out with isolated synthetic fractions of whole foods, and not supplements made from whole foods.

Pamela Levin, R.N.
November 7th 2011

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Pamela Levin is an R.N. and a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst who has been in private practice offering health improvement services for 40 years.

She has over 500 post-graduate hours of training in clinical nutrition, herbology and applied kineseology.

She has published many professional journal and lay audience articles and has an international reputation in the fields of emotional development, emotional intelligence and Transactional Analysis.

For her work in these areas, she was awarded the prestigious Eric Berne Award by members of the International Transactional Analysis Association in 72 countries.

She has lectured and trained both lay and professional audiences all over the world.

Her work is continues to be used  throughout North and South America, The UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.

She has personally researched the key emotional nutrients™ she makes available through this site.

They have consistently been demonstrated to be the core nutrients people need to feed all the six parts of their emotional selves. 

People from all cultures and languages in all parts of the world have used them since she first made them public in 1974 to feed their emotional selves, move from surviving to thriving, release limiting beliefs, improve parenting skills and more.